Your Shabbat Guest​

A Model for Outreach, Study, and Jewish Life Enrichment

Frequently Asked Questions about "YSG"

What sort of community would benefit most with a weekend with Your Shabbat Guest (YSG)?

           If your community is in a "Shabbat rut"

           If you are looking for a way to energize your community's                   enthusiasm about Jewish celebration and learning

            If you would like to expand the core of "Shabbat people" in your community

         .... Then Your Shabbat Guest is perfect for your community!

Why invite YSG to your community?

           Because Your Shabbat Guest will help you to help your community along its Jewish journey

           Because a weekend with Your Shabbat Guest will be a "look forward to" Jewish learning to all in your community

           Because Your Shabbat Guest will open up exciting and accessible Jewish learning to all in your community

Do our community members need to have a strong Jewish background in order to benefit from a visit from YSG?

Absolutely not!  Your Shabbat Guest will meet your community at its own level, and open new doors of Jewish learning and experiences for all weekend participants

What resources will we need to provide?

Do you have Prayer Books, Chumashim, and a Torah Scroll?

Do you have a meeting place that is comfortably used for worship, study, social events and meals?

Do you have a core of people that is interested in Jewish growth?

What sort of follow up will there be after our community's YSG weekend?

That depends on the type of weekend that you spend with Your Shabbat Guest

Please call to discuss weekend follow-up possibilities