From a note to my Bakersfield Kehillah

Shalom CBJ Members!

            While I will not be in Bakersfield this coming Shabbat, I wanted to keep the following items on our congregational “radar.”  These include –

  • Staying “Minyan Strong” -- This past weekend, we had very good attendance at Shul services on both Friday night (Erev Shabbat), and Saturday morning!  Yasher Koach to all who attended … especially to those who attended on both days!


          Remember, we are only as strong as our Minyan. Davening, learning, singing, and      

  • Becoming more “Israel Aware” --At our Oneg Shabbat this past Saturday, we had a marvelous discussion that lasted nearly an hour.  Most of the discussion           revolved around Israel and the strong feelings that we have towards her.  Questions were raised (and answered) regarding who Israel’s friends are (and are not).

In order to help our Kehillah to become more “Israel Aware,” I would suggest that we all make use of some of the online resources at our disposal – including (but not limited to) …

      Daily Alert – this is a publication (news digest) of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.  It comes to your screen every day, and contains many insights that we might not ordinarily think about.

     Israel 21c –  this is a monthly (?) bulletin focusing on advances in Israel … and Israel’s leadership role in the worlds of technology, science, agriculture, and much more!

     StandWithUs -– this is an Israel advocacy website (organization) like no other!  StandWithUs (SWU) advocates for Israel on college campuses – one of the major battle grounds in the US and Canada today).  Jewish college students gain valuable knowledge and advocacy skills through the activities, seminars, and publications.

     Of course, there are many, many more organizations to explore.  The more you explore, the more aware you become.  The more you learn, the more active and informed an advocate you can become.

     Let's push on TOGETHER to make our community stronger ... through building and growing our Minyan.  Remember, it only takes ten to make a Minyan!  If we are strong with 10, imagine how much stronger we would be if we knew that for each and every Shabbat service that we have together we would have 20!


     On the Israel advocacy and education front, let's read, learn, and discuss TOGETHER.  We will be stronger for it.  Israel will be stronger for it.  It's a true-to-life WIN-WIN!

     Thanks for reading!



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