Your Shabbat Guest​

A Model for Outreach, Study, and Jewish Life Enrichment

        Shabbat Morning — Benzy, in consultation with the  professional staff and lay leadership, will lead portions of the service, and conduct a second session of text exploration.

Shabbat morning services will be followed by a Kiddush luncheon, which will be followed by a third session of text exploration.

Note:  If the community wishes, there can be a session late Shabbat afternoon that will lead into a rich and melodic conclusion of Shabbat (Havdallah). 

         Sunday — Benzy will conduct a session geared toward any of the following demographic segments of the community not directly reached over Shabbat. Possibilities include:

-Parents of Elementary School Children          

-Teens and Their Parents          

-Senior Citizens in the Community          

-Teaching Faculty of Religious Schools          

-Lay Leaders Concerned with Jewish Life and Jewish Education

What "Your Shabbat Guest" Benzy Kogen will do with your community

         Erev Shabbat (Friday evening)—beginning with Kabbalat Shabbat, Benzy Kogen (YSG), will lead the community through an engaging service designed to put the “grind” of the work week aside and enhance the feelings of celebration that come with the arrival of Shabbat.

A festive Shabbat dinner--focusing upon the ritual aspects of this holy event--as well as the songs, the family unity, and the community inclusiveness of Shabbat, follows Kabbalat Shabbat Services.

Note:  The Erev Shabbat program will include a session of community text study with YSG either during the Kabbalat Shabbat service, or during Shabbat dinner.